Pure EPA Fish Oil for Depression


Omega-3 EPA for Brain Health

OmegaBrite revolutionized the nutritional world by bringing to the public the first high EPA Omega-3 supplement scientifically formulated to promote positive mood. We welcome you to join us in taking OmegaBrite for a brighter mood! Research has found that high EPA fish oil may benefit people’s mood.

Benefits of EPA for Brighter Mood

OmegaBrite is wonderful news for millions of people. To add to this good news, we are proud to announce the positive results published in many clinical and scientific studies confirming that OmegaBrite 70/10 MD’s high EPA formulation promotes positive mood, focus, cognitive clarity and overall good health.

We are also proud to announce that OmegaBrite was used in a study at Ohio State University that showed that OmegaBrite can help in reducing stress, both the self-perception and the biological indicators of stress as seen in a healthy population.*

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