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Our mission is to develop natural products of the highest quality that promote health and well being based on scientific evidence.

The Mission

Nineteen years ago, OmegaBrite, set the gold standard for purity, concentration and scientific efficacy in omega-3s. We have continued to set the standard ever since.

While on faculty at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Locke formulated the first 90% high concentrate formula of omega-3, creating the first pharmaceutical grade high quality omega-3 supplement. Dr. Locke’s goal in creating OmegaBrite was simply to create the highest purity Omega 3 supplement based on science.

We were told what we wanted to create was too impractical, too expensive to make, too difficult to distill to such a high purity, high quality omega-3. But we stuck to our goal of creating the best omega-3 possible and brought to the world OmegaBrite 70/10 MD, the first high concentrate, high EPA omega-3 with no after taste.

Our commitment to purity, safety and efficacy is the foundation of everything we do. We set the standard in omega-3’s to bring you the very best from science and nature.

The Company

OmegaBrite was first formulated by Dr. Locke in 1998 while on faculty at Harvard Medical School. OmegaBrite is the leading provider of omega-3 and nutritional supplements based on the scientific evidence of efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids for promoting heart health, emotional well-being, joint comfort, and overall health.

OmegaBrite received the Nutrition Business Journal’s Product Merit Award for creating the category of high concentrate Omega-3 supplements, bringing to the public the first high EPA omega-3 supplement, educating the public on the health benefits of EPA and omega-3s and raising the standards in the industry for purity and quality.

Exceeding all industry standards for purity and efficacy.

In 1998 at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Locke set out to formulate the highest quality omega-3. Over nineteen years later, OmegaBrite continues to raise the bar in purity, testing, and standards.

Formulation and Purity

OmegaBrite’s pharmaceutical quality omega-3 is manufactured using Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) in a nitrogen environment, undergoing supercritical distillation to remove potential heavy metals or toxins (and therefore eliminate any aftertaste) and to obtain the maximum concentration of EPA and omega-3. OmegaBrite is continually manufactured using nitrogen to prevent the oxidation that occurs when omega-3s are exposed to the oxygen in the air. We only use small fish off the cold, clean waters of Peru and Chile to deliver the highest quality omega-3 on the market.

As a member of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA (GOED), OmegaBrite is a leader in the community and continues to raise the bar for third party testing procedures.

OmegaBrite was the first high concentrate omega-3 to introduce third party laboratory testing on every batch. Every batch of OmegaBrite has been tested before, during, and after production to ensure the highest quality omega-3 available.

At OmegaBrite we set the standard over Nineteen years ago and we raise it every day.
Our commitment to excellence drives everything we do.

About Dr. Carol Locke, MD

Dr. Carol Locke is a practicing physician – Harvard educated and Harvard trained. Dr. Locke’s work focuses on an integrative evidence approach to improving people’s lives in both her practice and in her formulation of new natural products based on scientific evidence. Dr. Locke’s passion is helping people in her practice and in the development of new natural products to help her patients and the general public live better, longer, healthier lives.

Dr. Locke is a leader in educating both the medical community and the public on the health benefits of omega-3s. Deeply committed to promoting awareness of the health benefits of omega-3s around the world, Dr. Locke has spearheaded the creation and launch of the first International Omega-3 Awareness Day.

Curriculum Vitae

Carol Anne Locke, MD 

Educational Degrees

University of California at Berkeley 1979-1982

1981-1982 President’s Undergraduate Fellowship

1981-1982 Honors Field Work Village Nataleira, Fiji Islands, The Meaning of Health

1982 Bachelors Degree Awarded in Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley

Highest Honors in Anthropology, Honors Thesis based on Field Work in Fiji “The Meaning of Health in a Fijian Village”

High Distinction in General Scholarship

Phi Beta Kappa

Harvard Medical School 1982-1986

1982 Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

1983 National Academy of Science Summer Fellowship

1983 Research Harvard University, “Stressors in Local Hispanic Culture”.

1986 Doctor of Medicine Awarded, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.

Internship General Medicine 1986-1987

1986-1987 Internship in General Medicine Hackensack Hospital, New Jersey

Harvard Medical School McLean Hospital Adult Psychiatry Residency 1987-1990

1987-1990 Clinical Resident in Psychiatry Training Harvard Medical School, McLean

Hospital, Belmont Massachusetts, USA

1987-1990 Clinical Fellow

7/1990 Assistant Psychiatrist PIC SBII

1989-1990 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Fellowship, Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA.

1989-1990 Chief Resident in Mood Disorders Program, Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital

1989-1990 American Psychiatric Association Mead-Johnson Fellowship Award

1990 Mel Chace Award for Leadership and Excellence in Practice

1990 Graduation Awarded Adult Psychiatry Residency Completion

1990 Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology

7/1990-11/2004 Clinical Instructor

2000 Assistant Professor Harvard Medical School

2000-2004 Associate Psychiatrist

2011 Women and Power: Leadership in a New World

Harvard Kennedy Schools program focus is on helping women advance to

top positions of influence in public leadership, across sectors, around the


Awards and Honors

1981 Phi Beta Kappa, University of California at Berkeley

1980 Torch and Shield Scholarship

1981 Pyrtanean Honor Society for Outstanding Women Scholars

1981 Clara and Claribel Farno Scholarship

1981 Phoebe A. Hearst Scholarship

1981 Eugene Wilson Scholarship

1982 Highest Honors in Anthropology

1982 High Distinction in General Scholarship

1983 Summer Fellow, National Institute of Medicine

1984 Sacramento Medical Society Scholarship

1989 American Psychiatric Association Mead-Johnson Fellowship

1990 Mel Kayce Award, McLean Hospital

2007 Product of Merit Award for OmegaBrite, Nutrition Business Journal


Fellowships and Postdoctoral Training

1979 President’s Undergraduate Fellowship, U.C. Berkeley

1983 National Academy of Science Summer Fellowship

1987-90 Resident in Adult Psychiatry, McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA

1989-90 American Psychiatric Association Mead Johnson Fellowship

1989-90 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Fellowship, McLean Hospital

1989-90 Chief Resident, Affective Disorders Program, McLean Hospital

Licensure and Certification

1992-Present California Medical License

1988-1991 New Hampshire Medical License

1992-2005 Massachusetts Medical License

1987 DEA Registration Federal and State

1987 Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners

1992 Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Academic Appointments

1987-90 Clinical Fellow, Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital Belmont MA

1989-1990 Chief Resident in Affective Disorders Program, McLean Hospital Belmont MA

1989-1990 Fellow in Cognitive Behavioral Medicine, McLean Hospital Belmont MA


1194-1998 Instructor in Psychiatry, McLean Hospital, McLean Hospital Belmont MA, Assistant Attending Psychiatrist McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School

1998-2004 Associate Attending Psychiatrist, Harvard Medical School, McLean

Hospital Belmont MA

Hospital or Affiliated Institution Appointments During Residency

7/1987-6/90 Resident in Adult Psychiatry, McLean Hospital.

7/1989-6/90 Medical Staff Psychiatrist, Westwood Lodge, Westwood, MA

7/1988-6/91 Medical Staff Psychiatrist, Hampstead Hospital, NH

7/1988-6/90 Medical Staff Psychiatrist, Norwood Hospital, Brookline, MA.

7/1989-6/90 Chief Resident, Affective Disorders Program, McLean Hospital

Affiliated Institution Appointments After Graduation from Adult

Psychiatry Residency Graduation

7/1990-6/91 Psychiatrist-in-Charge on South Belknap II, an inpatient psychiatric unit

at McLean Hospital, Belmont MA

7/1990-6/98 Assistant Attending Psychiatrist, Harvard Medical School, McLean

Hospital, Belmont MA

7/1998-6/04 Associate Attending Psychiatrist, Harvard Medical School, McLean

Hospital, Belmont MA

Private Practice Adult Psychiatry McLean Hospital Harvard Medical School

7/1990-6/04 Private Practice McLean Hospital Attending’s Association

Professional Societies:

Research Activities

1981 Principal Investigator, Fiji Islands, University of California at Berkeley,

Department of Anthropology. Investigation of factors in the meaning of

health and choice of health care in a rural Fijian Village, as a Present’s

Undergraduate Fellow.

1983 Principal Investigator of a study examining the cultural Influences on the

bereavement process in three Boston Hispanic Communities, as a

Summer Fellow, National Institute of Medicine.

1998- Principal and Co-investigator on a series of clinical studies on

the role of omega-3 fatty acids in mood disorders.

Teaching and Speaking

1990-2000 Teaching medical students and psychiatry residents on elements of


1998-2011 Invited International speaker for Harvard Medical School on Continuing

Medical Education on Psychiatry and nutritional supplements and

complementary medicine. Dr. Larry Lifson


Original Articles

– Dr. Locke is published in a wide array of original articles available on PubMed.

Diet. 2001;89:173-85.